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Our Risk Management Toolbox presents you with an immediate, concise and up-to-date report reflecting the risk levels and financial status of your customers or suppliers in a clear and intuitive manner.
With this online system, you can understand the big picture immediately and clearly while constantly assessing the risks and opportunities in your ongoing work with customers and suppliers.
This enables you to make quick and effective business decisions.

Start every business day with the advantage of seeing the bigger picture

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With this system, you are able to:

  • Receive a comprehensive and detailed view of your customer and supplier portfolio
  • Identify the riskiest clients and suppliers
  • Choose the option of focusing on a specific business to examine its situation
  • Receive online notifications regarding any deterioration or improvement in the status of customers and suppliers
  • Receive customer and supplier monitoring and alerts
  • View businesses with deteriorating or improving scores
  • View customers’ liens
  • View the legal status of enterprises.

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